It is very rare to come across a professional photographer who is capable of creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere for both adults and children. It is in this atmosphere that the most natural photographs can be taken. I want to thank Priscilla for taking our family photos. I was so impressed by the way she composes each shot, scouts each location and bounces the sunlight to achieve vibrant, gorgeous results. If you decide to work with Priscilla, you'll notice her pleasant demeanor right away. Then you'll notice how she uses your family dynamic to create a story in each photo. I highly recommend Priscilla. Thanks so much!
~Franco Santelli

Excellent work, highly recommended. Priscilla is extremely passionate about her work and has great artistic angle. She is very creative and is open to discussion with her clients to understand exactly what they want.
~Bonny Choy

Perfect service. Priscilla is very professional and did everything to make us and the baby comfortable. The final products were finished and delivered fast. Above all expectations. Thanks Priscilla!
~ Bárbara Tonheiro

Excellent work.... I had use her work many times, from family pictures, my pregnancy, special occasion even to portfolios for my work.... I recommend 100% .
~ Mila Mattos

Priscilla has her job at her heart!! She's very dedicated and professional!! We loved the family photo shooting we did last spring !!! Hope we'll have the opportunity to do another again!
~ Carolina Aragao Safi

I loved Priscilla's work! Both the gestation and baby photos are amazing! She had a lot of affection and patience with us at all times (in the session at sunflowers field, cornfield and also in the studio) The hard thing was to select and choose the best photos Super recommend!
~ Patricia Miraglia

Priscilla is a very talented photographer. You can see that she loves her job. She is very patient and kind. Her creativity and passion result in beautiful pictures! I highly recommend her!
~ Tati Mourão

I loved Priscilla's work with my two kids. Professionalism and affection with babies and children. Very pleased with the results.
~ Raquel Santos

During my pregnancy, I was thinking how to find a photographer to realize the type of picture I imagined. And now I found Priscilla! She was actually able to reproduce what I imagined in a dream. She is friendly, professional and above all, photos, are my faith, beautiful. My family and month are thrilled. Thank you Priscilla!!!!
~ Andrea Bastos

I did my pregnancy photos and my second baby with Priscilla, I just loved everything from the first conversation to the final result. She is very competent, creative and can listen to us ;) I really appreciate Priscilla's work!!
~ Debora Surati

Excellent Professional. Dedicated and very respectful to the needs of babies during the photo section. Material of great quality and honor with delivery deadlines. I advise the work of photographer Priscilla Ouverney for all the new dads... it brought us beautiful memories of our babies.
~ Bruna Gruscoski De Paula


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